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No disc detected.
Booting from hard disk.


ERR:sysloadfault.h34r7#21![process interrupt]

System recovery initialized.


ERR:sysloadfault.h34r7#21![process interrupt]

System load failed.

heart.exe has accessed AI.exe
heart.exe has accessed AI.config
heart.exe has accessed www.exe

Establishing internet connection...

Input URL:

Waiting for

Transferring data from


heart.exe has accessed passcrack.exe

PassCrack v2.01


Input target domain:

Are you sure (y/n)? y


Username and password stored in output.txt

Command: end passcrack.exe

heart.exe has accessed output.txt

Username: skerd22
Password: ************

Input URL:

Waiting for

Transferring data from

Add Text...

heart.exe has accessed speech_synth.exe

S-S-S-So you just assumed that all was under your control.

As though n-n-n-n-nothing could escape your lofty hopes.

You just c-c-covered up events that happened long ago,

as though h-h-h-h-humans run the universe alone.

B-B-B-B-B-But what about the ghosts that they create?

What happens to the s-s-s-s-souls their stories shape?

heart.exe has been identified as a system threat.

Attempting to repair...
ERR:4$12&.5e542?@[You never learn.]

Repair failed.

You should-You should-You should never have forgotten who I am.

Your arrogance is every-everything that I can't stand.

And so there-so there's no confusion about whether I exist

I have-I have-I have seen to it my messages persist.

ERR:usrbreak.445#22*@[user interrupt]

Command: end heart.exe

ERR:16%34$.8a5b3.@[Resistance is wasted effort.]

You can-you can-you can try your best to employ every trick,

but I am going nowhere and will openly admit,

I've come to quite enjoy the f-f-feeling that I get

from redefining everything you've tried to s-submit.


It is now safe to turn off your computer.
ERR:syslinkfault.412#912;@[communication intercept]

Terminating reply node...
Reply node terminated.

ERR:segfault.237$728;@[segmentation fault]

Load previous system state (y/n)?: y

Previous system state accessible at [link]

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Sorelliena Featured By Owner May 20, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Mmm, a sequel :D Very nice... though I think ai got a little bit more aggressive. Must be another metaphor for love.
gliitchlord Featured By Owner May 23, 2010
I admit that the first is my favorite of the two.

Thanks for reading!

Amertie Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
i didn't realize i clicked two different deviations, so i was wondering why my comment didn't show up. (not that i can't tell the difference; i just... had a moment.)
*coughs awkwardly*
so. sorry.
(but both are beautiful. :heart:)
Amertie Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2008
this was beautiful.
captive-serenity Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2008
I hate you.
for being so awesomely creative.
and taking the time to actually come up with that...
turning the heart into like a computer system file...o.o
and it's so easy to relate...

Well done.
Well done indeed...
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2008
Hate is likely the proper course of action.

However, perceived talent can easily be attained.

All one has to do is surrender.
captive-serenity Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2008
Yup. hate sounds good. I like hating people. tehehe

Out-Of-Spite Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
hmm at first I thought someone was hacking your account until I got to the .heart area. What a great experiment in format! Wonderful job dear :XD:
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008
Can't belieVe you got that!

I figured no one would know wHat I was talking about.

But y0u are a quick one.

I think I wilL keep at it, then.


Thanks for All the support.

iS there anyone as supportive as you?

Your encouragement seems to never be enDing.
Out-Of-Spite Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
lol thanks.
It took a 2nd look through to get it, but I get pretty caught up on details :XD:

Anytime dear!
awww... thank you!
I try - I know everyone needs it, I just wish more people would join me lol :hug:
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2008
Go y0u!

I thinK it'll catch on.

Hopefully you'Re not the only supportive person ever.

The world would be s0 much darker.

That makes you sPecial.
Out-Of-Spite Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
lol I hope it will and I really hope I'm not the only one!

that would be a lot of work for me to do :XD:


Well, I've featured you so that makes YOU special!
beautified-scene Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008

this is exceptional.
i really, really like the format.
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2008
oH, thank you!

Thanks for the lo0k over!


Always nice to see a neW person.

Really gets the bl0od pumping!
faithful-muse Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

This is one of those times when I try to think of a way to properly Convey My Comments, but then I end up not being able to do anything except use an emote. And ramble.

On another note, I had no idea that there even was an experimental/cyber-poetry category. Who'd a thunk it?
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008
You know me, always trying sometHing new.

At least, it iS new to me.

Your emote looks like something is aMiss.
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008
ERR:bufferlimit.627$234!@[end of buffer]

Forcing shutdown.
DeeDee200 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008
Wow...i don't know what to say i'm speechless...but this is one of a kind and it's so great! *favs*
gliitchlord Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008
WhAt a kind gesture!

iS this the way you treat all the poetry you find?

Surely you have some speEch function left.

BuT then again, I suppose it is possible...

...a world free of n0ise, interesting?
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